Saturday, September 15, 2012

Is a subscription to Angie's List worth it?

Is a subscription to Angie's list worth it?
I hesitated before paying the $18 charge - reduced from $39/year due to a Groupon promotion.
I don't think it is worth it from my preliminary dealings with it. Frankly, it seems more like a yellow pages except it isn't free.
Here is one experience we had:
Was looking for great value window well covers. I searched for 'Window well covers' and got too many search results - 101 results. Their highest rates provider has just two member reviews. Called the two highest rated providers.  Called 'Just Windows Ltd' - John said he does not do window well covers - go to the store he impatiently said.
So I went back to Angie's list and IM-ed support.
Jayce L: Thanks for your patience. I've found several highly rated companies close to home. I'm sending those listings to your email now.

He sent me a landscaping company, a animal removal company, a plumbing company. This was junk.